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OPM3 Assessments

OPM3 provides a collection of industry Best Practices to deliver strategy through organizational project management.  OPM3 is the newest framework to assess and improve your organization’s effectiveness and efficiency in strategy implementation and iits ability to deliver the right projects, the right way. 

Through the OPM3 framework, an organization determines its project management maturity performing a comprehensive assessment of its organizational project management processes and activities.

OPM3 ProductSuite Assessment Tool

OPM-GC offers qualified assistance to help Organizations assess their project management maturity. OPM-GC Consultants can bring invaluable knowledge, competence, objectivity, and select the most appropriate methodology.

An assessment carried out using the OPM3 ProductSuite custom methodology, by a certified OPM3 ProductSuite Assessor and Consultant, together with the Assessment and Improvement Tools, gives the most accurate and effective evaluation of any organization’s project management maturity. This assessment is done by comparing the organization's processes and procedures to the current industry best practices as accumulated and provided in PMI's OPM3 standard. An OPM3 assessment can be of very high value for any process improvement projects.

Information generated by an OPM3 ProductSuite Assessment provides the organization with a clear picture of what is and is not working in regard to organizational project management. Based on the OPM3 assessment, qualified OPM Consulting Group consultants can provide a set of recommendations to increase organizational maturity as well as a detailed roadmap and time line of activities to be undertaken.


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